Welcome to the 2021-2022 Committee:

At the A.G.M. held in October 2021 the newly elected Committee is as follows:

Judith Bilszta, Ian Bowey Deb Slattery, Janeen O’Connell, Sue Morton, and Pauline Stotten


*  encourage membership growth

*  provide for member participation

*  off site visits to encourage research projects

*  one or more lectures/events organized by the library

*  active participation in Heritage (month)

*  group activity project – cemetery records, Melton South history research

Events, times and dates to be amended to suit membership requirements.


Newsletter February-March 2022

Newsletter December -January

Newsletter Feb-Mar 2021 (2)

Newsletter April-May 2021

Newsletter June-July 2021

Newsletter August-September 2021 (2)-converted

Newsletter October-November 2021

Newsletter December 2021-January 2022

Woodlea Commemorative Walk
 The first section of the Commemorative Walk has been completed.
 We will be assisting with this project and collecting information to be put on plaques along the walk.

Phase One Boer War – 12 plaques, 1 Information panel, 1 Story panel.

World War 1 Part A – 24 plaques, 1 Information panel, 1 Story panel.

Phase Two World War 1 Part B – 12 plaques, 1 Story panel..

World War 2 – 38 plaques, 1 Information panel, 3 Story panels.

Phase Three – Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War 1, Afghanistan Conflict, Gulf War 2, Future Conflicts.

Phase One – completion 2016

Phase Two – completion 2017

Phase Three – completion 2018


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